The Escuelita Zapatista is a bold and inspiring project: under the guidance of thousands of indigenous women and men who have become spokespeople for Zapatismo, it invites allies from all over the world (around 7,500 so far) to come to Chiapas to live with and learn from these spokespeople and indigenous families, and create the largest, most impactful school the world has ever seen for teaching autonomy.

This school of “Freedom according to the Zapatistas” uses a set of textbooks on autonomy. They’re compiled from interviews with Zapatistas who have participated in autonomous education, health, production, and self-government, and they’re an amazing primary source on one of the world’s most inspiring projects in autonomy. You can download the .pdfs with the following links:

En español (pdf):
Gobierno Autónomo I
Gobierno Autónomo II
Participación de las Mujeres
Resistencia Autónoma

In English (pdf):
Autonomous Government I
Autonomous Government II
Participation of Women in Autonomous Government
Autonomous Resistance

Go here for more translation of Zapatista documents and from collectives & orgs that are adherents to The 6th Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle.