Program Cost


Summer semester:
Your $2,400 program fee covers:
• 4 credits (2 week program)
• Courses accredited at the undergraduate or masters level by the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences
• Food, lodging and ground transportation in Cuba
• Most books and reading materials

Spring 2021 (March 28th – June 5th)

The $12,500 program fee breaks down as follows:

$8,400 covers tuition for 16-semester credits and fees
$3,200 covers room and board
$600 covers transportation in Cuba

We will not have a Chicago re-entry program for the Spring 2021 semester.

NOTE: Applicants can apply for scholarships by completing our scholarship application and demonstrating need via the Financial Aid Information form filled out by their school’s financial aid administrator.


Other Spring and Fall Costs

• Airfare to Cuba, Chicago and back home. ~ $600 – $1000
• Cuban health insurance – Your airline ticket should include a 30-day health insurance plan mandated by the Cuban government. AUSM will extend the insurance program upon arrival in Cuba.
• Personal expenses during the program. This could range from $10 to $100 per week, depending on your spending habits. Nightlife in Cuba is particularly expensive, comparable to most big cities in the US.


Full program fees are due by the following dates:

Fall semester – July 15       Spring semester – December 15       Summer program – May 15

Fall and Spring payment deadlines                         Fall                   Spring                   Summer

*Early payment (Full program fee – $500)                 May 31             August 31              N/A
Payment deadline (Full program fee)                        July 15              December 15         May 15
After deadline (Full program fee + $500/mo)           July 16              December 16        May 16

Payment Instructions 

Checks should be made payable to the Autonomous University of Social Movements and sent to AUSM, 3320 West Foster Avenue #135, Chicago, IL 60625. Visa or Mastercard payments can be made here or by calling our office. Please note that Visa or Mastercard payments incur a 4% surcharge.

Financial Aid

Financial aid from home institution

If the participant is receiving financial aid from her/his home institution, the aid may be transferable to the AUSM Study Abroad program. Consult with your study abroad and/or academic advisor to arrange for this transfer. We offer basic suggestions for finding financial aid here.

Scholarship application process

In addition to scholarships offered by your home institution, the Autonomous University of Social Movements offers a scholarship program designed to supplement grants or other financial awards. We cannot provide full scholarships, and our limited scholarships are not intended to be your only funding source. AUSM is a small non-profit that, instead of relying on grants and foundation money, uses the proceeds from our study abroad program to fund community organizing in Albany Park, Chicago. This commitment to our community project explains why we’re unable to give full scholarships, and it’s also why we favor applicants who are committed to activism and to finding a way to learn about social movements. Our program costs are comparable to the cost of education and housing at most state universities for a semester.

To apply for an AUSM scholarship, fill out and submit this scholarship application with your program application before the posted scholarship application deadlines. Scholarship applications will not be considered unless they are complete and accompanied by a program application. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of need, with preference given to applicants with proven grassroots organizing experience and to first or second generation immigrants.

Scholarship deadlines

Fall – April 15th
Spring – October 15th
Summer – March 15th

Withdrawal policy

Notification of withdrawal from the AUSM Study Abroad program must be received in writing. The $500 deposit is non-refundable and may not be transferred to another semester. In the event of withdrawal, refunds will be made according to the following schedule, calculated from the date AUSM is notified by the student in writing:

Fall/Spring Semesters

Before the day of departure from the U.S.:
100% refund less $500 deposit and less any scholarship awards.

By Saturday of the first week of the program:
80% of tuition and fees minus the $500 deposit and minus any scholarship awards.

By Saturday of the second week of the program:
60% of tuition and fees minus the $500 deposit and minus any scholarship awards.

No refunds are available after the second week of the program; however, in case of medical or family emergencies, the Autonomous University of Social Movements will consider, on a case by case basis, application of payment to another semester program.


No refunds are available for the Summer semester after the first day of classes. In case of unforeseen emergencies that force participants to withdraw from the program, the Autonomous University of Social Movements will make every effort to facilitate the participant’s speedy return to the U.S., but we cannot assume responsibility for the costs of airline tickets.

In the unlikely event that the program itself is canceled, all payments, including the $500 deposit, will be refunded or applied to a future program, at the discretion of the applicant.