Mexico Solidarity Network (MSN) and the Autonomous University of Social Movements (AUSM) are excited to offer speaking events on a virtual platform with our compañerxs in Mexico who bring invaluable perspectives from their numerous years of experience in community and social movement organizing.  In this unprecedented time of crisis, organizing against injustice has necessarily been taking on new forms.  It remains as important as ever that we express our solidarity by actively carving out creative paths for voices from these powerful anti-capitalist struggles to continue sowing the seeds for our own transformative dialogues and reflective actions as we build new collective realities together.

If you would like to bring a speaker to your classroom (virtually), please email us at or fill out the online request here:

Currently Scheduled Virtual Events

Mariana Hernández Burg – AUSM | (English speaker)

Drawing from more than 20 years of experience in community organizing and popular education, Mariana has developed crucial perspectives applicable to the realities facing indigenous communities in Mexico under the current president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), who, despite projecting a progressive image, has maintained and even intensified threats against their autonomy and self-determination through militarization and mega development projects. Professor Hernández shares valuable insight and analysis from grassroots struggles against these neoliberal schemes and in defense of the land. She is currently the head professor of AUSM’s Chiapas program.

Luz Rivera Martínez – CNUC | (Spanish speaker)

Luz and campesin@ families in Tlaxcala, Mexico—land of the maíz tortilla—organize to demand government accountability, defend family farms, resist the use of GMO seeds, and build inspiring, community-based autonomous projects aligned with the anti-neoliberal goals of the Zapatistas’ Sixth Declaration. Having established the Consejo Nacional Urbano Campesino (CNUC) in the early 1990s to coordinate resistance to the impending North American Free Trade Agreement, Luz brings over 25 years of experience with CNUC organizing outside the electoral system and resisting genetically modified corn while protecting millennia-old varieties.

Sergio Pacheco – Tlanezi Calli | (Spanish speaker)

Sergio shares indispensable wisdom and criticality from his almost 25 years of experience organizing for housing rights in working class communities in one of the most populous cities in the world. Emerging from the government’s inadequate response to the devastating effects of the 1985 Mexico City earthquake, Tlanezi Calli (House of the Dawn – in Nahuatl) was founded in 1995 to rebuild both affordable housing and the tejido social (social fabric) of Iztapalapa. With weekly assemblies, collective work projects, urban gardening plots, a health clinic, and after-school tutoring – just to mention a few – Sergio and his compañer@s engage in powerful autonomous community building to achieve Vida Digna (Dignified Life).

Juan López Intzín – FrayBa | (Spanish speaker)

Juan is a Maya Tseltal scholar and sociologist from the highlands of Chiapas, Mexico. He holds degrees from the Universidad Autónoma de Chiapas and the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City. Juan is a human rights defender with the FrayBa Human Rights Center. He accompanies indigenous peoples fighting for their rights as autonomous, self-determining communities. Juan’s personal, collective, and scholarly work draws attention to the venomous exploitation of human beings and nature in the name of capitalism and commodification as well as the continued, though violently silenced, wisdom of alternative paradigms based in ancient Mayan values of love and collectivity.

Recent AUSM Live and Interactive Virtual Events

Monday, March 29th 2021
5pm-6:30pm CENTRAL TIME
(3pm-4:30pm PDT / 4pm-5:30pm MDT / 6pm-7:30pm EDT)
Join us on Monday, March 29th, for another in-depth and interactive critical symposium and dialogue, this time with Luz Rivera Martínez from the Consejo Nacional Urbano y Campesino (CNUC) in Tlaxcala, Mexico; Isa and Ceci from the Centro Autónomo in Albany Park, Chicago; Verónica Diz from Editorial Madreselva in Buenos Aires, Argentina; and Elvira and Arlen from Brigada Callejera in Mexico City.  As we continue to celebrate and reflect on International Women’s Day this year, these compañeras will broaden our depth of analysis through their extensive background and experience in la lucha, expanding upon the various dimensions of diversity within and surrounding women’s struggles in the greater context of social movement organizing through an anti-capitalist lens.  
We offer this virtual event free of charge.  

Acompáñanos el lunes, 29 de marzo, para otro simposio interactivo con diálogo crítico y profundo, esta vez entre nuestras compañeras Luz Rivera Martínez del Consejo Nacional Urbano y Campesino (CNUC) en Tlaxcala, México; Isa y Ceci del Centro Autónomo de Albany Park, Chicago; Verónica Diz de la Editorial Madreselva en la Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina; y con Elvira y Arlen de Brigada Callejera en la Ciudad de México.  Mientras seguimos celebrando y reflexionando sobre el Día Internacional de la Mujer de este año, estas compañeras ampliarán nuestra profundidad de análisis en el trasfondo de su experiencia extensa en la lucha, expandiendo sobre las diferentes dimensiones de la diversidad en las luchas de las mujeres dentro del contexto mayor del trabajo organizativo y los movimientos sociales desde un prisma anticapitalista.  Ofrecemos este evento virtual sin costo alguno. 


7pm-8:30pm CENTRAL TIME
(5pm-6:30pm PST / 6pm-7:30pm MST / 8pm-9:30pm EST)

Join us on Saturday, March 6th for an in-depth and interactive critical symposium and dialogue with Mujeres que luchan CDMX (part of the Red Universitaria Anticapitalista) and Como mujeres que somos of the Xochitlanezi autonomous housing cooperative in Mexico City.  As we approach International Women’s Day this year, these collectives will analyze various dimensions of diversity within and surrounding women’s struggles in the greater context of social movement organizing in Mexico through an anti-capitalist lens.  We offer this virtual event free of charge.  

Acompáñanos el sábado, 6 de marzo, para un simposio interactivo con diálogo crítico y profundo entre nuestras compañeras de Mujeres que luchan CDMX (parte de la Red Universitaria Anticapitalista) y Como mujeres que somos de Xochitlanezi, una cooperativa de vivienda autónoma en la Ciudad de México.  Mientras nos acercamos al Día Internacional de la Mujer de este año, estos colectivos analizarán las diferentes dimensiones de la diversidad en las luchas de las mujeres dentro del contexto mayor del trabajo organizativo y los movimientos sociales en México desde un prisma anticapitalista.  Ofrecemos este evento virtual sin costo alguno. 


Iniquity: How court systems, attorneys, and legal aid organizations

cheated homeowners in foreclosure

by Kelli Dudley

A virtual book presentation and dialogue session with the author!

MONDAY, MARCH 1st 2021
5pm-6:30pm CENTRAL TIME
(3pm-4:30pm PST / 4pm-5:30pm MST / 6pm-7:30pm EST)

As a new attorney, Kelli Dudley thought saving a few homes would be easy.  Plunging into Chicago’s legal system revealed many forces determined to deprive homeowners of their homes without due process.  Kelli found a legal system hostile to anyone wanting to provide help to homeowners.  In a readable, plain language format, she tells her story, setting forth the lengths to which those in power went to preserve their own status and to deprive others of their homes and their civil rights.  During her dynamic career as a fair housing attorney and law professor, Kelli has assisted many homeowners at no cost or reasonable cost, offering free presentations to community groups throughout the foreclosure crisis.  Now retired, she continues to help people sue fair housing violators.  Most recently, she was a supervisory attorney in the Covid-related Lockout Program of Lawyers’ Committee for Better Housing. 

Kelli Dudley is a charismatic presenter and truly captivating storyteller.  Please don’t miss this exciting opportunity to engage with her directly at this free event (in English) on Monday, March 1st!

Please check out Kelli’s website and pick up a copy of her book:

Friday, February 19th 2021
1pm-2:30pm CENTRAL TIME
(11am-12:30pm PST / 12pm-1:30pm MST / 2pm-3:30pm EST)
Join us on Friday, February 19th with Neftalí and Sergio from Rincón Zapatista in Mexico City for an in-depth presentation and dialogue on the mega development projects in Mexico, such as the Tren Maya, and indigenous resistance efforts against them. While carefully crafted propaganda have enveloped these projects into a hazy neoliberal image of progress, the voices of those most affected continue to be violently silenced. Rincón Zapatista will share crucial insight and analysis from the close ties that they maintain, working in solidarity with those at the heart of the struggle.  This virtual event is offered free of charge.  
Neftalí studied history at the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana (UAM), is currently a professor at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), and teaches Universal History and Mexican History courses there. 
Sergio studied philosophy at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) and currently is a professor at both UNAM and the Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Morelos (UAEM), teaching courses in Political Philosophy and the Philosophy of History. 


AUSM Study Abroad Drop-In Dialogue Sessions



(12pm-2pm PST / 1pm-3pm MST / 3pm-5pm EST)

Critical Symposium (in Spanish)

with experienced social movement organizers from Mexico:

Nuevas identidades en los movimientos sociales

a 110 años de la revolución mexicana 


2pm-3:30pm CENTRAL TIME

(12pm-1:30pm PST / 1pm-2:30pm MST / 3pm-4:30pm EST)


We were joined by Mariana Hernández Burg, Luz Rivera Martínez, and Sergio Pacheco all together for this exclusive virtual event, in an in-depth charla on Friday, November 20th.  On the 110th anniversary of the start of the Mexican Revolution, AUSM Professor Angélica Muñoz López moderated this dynamic dialogue.  Together they considered the complex identities woven throughout community and social movement organizing and solidarity-building in the diverse Mexican realities that have enriched and been enriched by each of their involvement over the past 20-25 years.  Event participants sent us their questions in advance and helped guide the discussion.  The hour and a half flew by in a flash and we look forward to welcoming our compañerxs back for more virtual events soon!


September 21st 1pm CST | Mariana Hernández Burg – AUSM | (presentation in English)
September 29th 11am CST | Luz Rivera Martínez – CNUC | (presentation in Spanish)
October 8th 5pm CST | Sergio Pacheco – Tlanezi Calli | (presentation in Spanish)
October 12th 6pm CST | Juan López Intzín – FrayBa | (presentation in Spanish)

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