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The health and safety of study abroad participants is the highest priority for the Autonomous University of Social Movements (AUSM). We believe a safe and educationally valuable program is constructed on several foundations: experienced staff, reliable and knowledgeable local partners, comprehensive pre-planning for emergencies, a solid educational program that keeps students occupied in intellectual pursuits, and family-oriented contexts that occupy student’s free time. Staff work closely with local partners to assess current health concerns and safety issues, and we adapt quickly to changing political conditions and unfolding events.  With years of experience taking groups to Mexico, the Autonomous University of Social Movements has the know-how, experience, local connections and commitment to maximize the safety and health of participants. The US Department of State travel advisory report says the following regarding the three states in Mexico we visit: Chiapas (includes Palenque and San Cristobal de las Casas): “U.S. government personnel must remain in tourist areas and are not allowed to use public transportation.” Pursuant to this report and based on our own safety evaluation, we have not allowed night time travel between San Cristobal and Palenque since 2014, and we do not allow any travel on public transportation. Mexico City (formerly known as the Federal District): No advisory is in effect. Tlaxcala: No advisory is in effect. Emergency Travel Insurance All students must either purchase emergency travel insurance from AUSM’s insurance agent or provide proof of their own coverage. At a minimum, emergency travel insurance must cover “emergency hospitalization,” “emergency evacuation,” and “emergency repatriation” to the US. If you wish to use your own coverage please send us a copy of your policy, underlining the places where these three things are listed as covered. AUSM’s insurance agent provides coverage through a policy written by Travel Health and Accident insurance through U.S. Fire Insurance Company, policy #US022072. The policy covers accident/emergency hospitalization coverage with a limit of $25,000 per person/per incident and has a $100 deductible per person/per incident. The additional cost is $120 per student for the Fall/Spring semesters and $35 for Summer semesters. Click here to see the How Safe is Mexico website that compares Mexico to US and international violence statistics Click here to read the rest of the AUSM’s statement on Safety, Health, and Crisis Management 245
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